Removable Orthodontic Appliance Care

Wearing your Brace

When you get your brace the orthodontist will show you how to fit it correctly. It is very important for you to continue to fit it correctly between visits. Incorrect fitting may cause you unnecessary discomfort or the treatment time to be prolonged.

To achieve the best results you must wear your brace as instructed by your orthodontic clinician. This usually includes wearing it in bed at night.

You must remove your brace to clean your teeth or when you are playing contact sports.

It is usual for patients to have some difficulty speaking when the first get their brace. If you persist with wearing the brace this should pass and your speech will return to normal.

Likewise some patients produce more saliva when they start wearing the brace. Again this will pass with continued wear.

Adjusting your brace

Some patients have to adjust their brace between appointments. The orthodontist will show you how to do this and advise you how often if needs adjusted.

Cleaning your brace and teeth

You should clean your brace and teeth multiple times a day. This means you will have to take a toothbrush to school or work.  

Take the brace out of your mouth and clean both the brace and your teeth.

Use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean all surfaces of the brace. Be very careful when cleaning the metal parts of your brace as these are easily damaged.

Brush your teeth as normal and make sure you do an extra special clean before you go to bed.  We recommend using a fluoride mouthwash after you clean your teeth at night,

Please note that in extreme cases patients with poor oral hygiene may have to have treatment stopped prior to it being completed.

Broken Braces

It is very important that you take good care of your brace. 

Breakages to the brace can increase your treatment time by up to 6-12 weeks and if you lose your brace or break it beyond repair you may have to pay for a replacement.

We recommend you store your brace in a hard box when you are not wearing it. Orthodontic appliance boxes are on sale at reception.

Dietary Advice

Unless advised otherwise you can remove your braces for eating.

Foods high in sugar such as sweets and fizzy drinks should not be consumed when wearing the brace. Plaque in your mouth can use these sugars to produce acid. This acid can permanently damage your teeth.