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Our commitment to our patients and referring dentists

Since the practice opened in August 2007 the team at Northwest orthodontics have been working hard to improve our service to both patients and dentists. We will continue to work to improve our service and this section of our site will be updated regularly to keep you informed about enhancements to our practice.
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Reduced waiting and treatment times for patients

The practice recently recruited more orthodontic clinicians, which has enabled us to dramatically reduce our waiting and treatment times. We currently offer:

  • Short waiting lists for NHS or private patients
  • Immediate starts for approved NHS cases
  • Optimum 5-6 weeks between adjust appointments

It is expected that we will be able to continue to offer this service in the long term.

Improved correspondence

We recently reviewed our correspondence to both the patients and referring dentists and the principal changes for the dentists are outlined below.

We will continue to inform you about the key issues of your patient’s treatment but this will be done in a more structured way. All referring dentists can now receive a copy of any radiographs we take to include in their patient’s charts. All referring dentist will receive a pre and post treatment intra-oral photograph of their patient for their records.

Both the radiographs and photographs can be provided on hard copy or e-mailed to the dentist at their request.

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Easier Referrals

The practice accepts standard postal referrals and operates a freepost service for all our referring dentists. The address is:

Northwest Orthodontics
25 Clarendon Street
BT48 7EP

Need to refer a patient?

Download our GDP Referral Form or Contact us