Expert Adult Orthodontics

We find that more and more adults are choosing to enjoy the confidence that beautifully straight teeth can bring to their everyday work and personal life.​
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Innovative Treatments

Recent innovations in cosmetic orthodontic treatments mean that we can now use almost invisible braces and still get exceptionally high quality results. The choice of not having to wear metal braces, has given many adults the confidence to go ahead and start their orthodontic treatment.

Adults can also choose shorter term orthodontic treatments and, when properly selected, these can deliver excellent results in a significantly reduced treatment time.

All our patients start their treatment with a thorough examination and detailed discussion about their orthodontic goals. This careful approach ensures that we recommend the right appliance and treatment type for every patient.

Treatment Options

Adult patients can choose between either comprehensive or shorter term orthodontic treatment at our practice in Derry/Londonderry.

Comprehensive treatment aims to straighten the teeth and to correct the bite. This typically involves moving the top and bottom teeth with the goal of achieving the optimum result in terms of cosmetics and bite functioning.

Shorter term orthodontics primarily aims to straighten the top front teeth and is a popular choice for patients wanting to minimise their treatment time and still have beautifully straight teeth.

We find that most adults prefer cosmetic systems such as Radiance ™ or Invisalign™ over traditional metal braces.

Once the treatment is completed, retainers will be provided to maintain the finished result. Permanent retainers are a popular choice with our adult patients.

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