HSE Crossborder Orthodontics

We are very experienced in guiding HSE patients through the cross border funding scheme which allows them to avoid the long HSE waiting lists for orthodontic treatment.

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Patients on a HSE waiting list for treatment

If your child is on a HSE waiting list for orthodontic treatment they can elect to have their treatment carried out by us instead and then claim back a refund of up to €2100 from the HSE at the end of treatment. 

This is possible through the Cross-Border funding scheme which is aimed at reducing waiting times for healthcare treatments throughout Ireland.

If you feel this could apply to your child please feel free to call us and we can talk you through the details of the scheme.

To date 100% of the children treated by us have been reimbursed by the HSE under this scheme.

Patients who have been referred for a HSE orthodontic assessment

Children who have been referred by the school dental service to the HSE orthodontist are put on an assessment waiting list to be graded. This grade determines whether they will be accepted for HSE funding and then put on a treatment waiting list.

Thankfully the team at Northwest Orthodontics in Derry/Londonderry can also do this grading and parents can choose skip the wait to see if their child will qualify for HSE treatment.

If we grade your child as eligible for HSE treatment then we can continue to treatment as if they had been graded by the HSE and the cross border funding will also apply.

Most patients who choose for us to carry out the assessment grading can claim back up to €100 through the cross border funding scheme irrespective of whether they qualify for HSE treatment or not.

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