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NHS Orthodontic Treatment

We are currently accepting patients for NHS orthodontic treatment in our Derry/Londonderry practice.

NHS orthodontic treatment can be provided to patients who are currently registered with an NHS dentist and who meet the NHS eligibility guidelines for orthodontic treatment.

The process starts with an orthodontic treatment referral and this must be completed by the patient’s NHS dentist.

Once we receive the referral the patient’s name will be added to a short waiting list and in due course, we will contact them to arrange an initial assessment appointment.

This initial assessment aims to determine if the patient is ready for treatment, if they would benefit from treatment and whether the treatment can be provided under NHS funding.

Patients who are ready for treatment and eligible for NHS funding can then choose to progress to active treatment. Patients under 18 (or under 19 and in full time education) will have their treatment funded by the NHS under current guidelines.

Patients who would benefit from treatment but are not eligible for NHS treatment can still choose to progress to treatment on a self-funded basis. The practice offers a number of payment plans for these patients.

The vast majority of our NHS patients are children. We do treat a small number of NHS adults but unfortunately, we find that most of the adults we assess are not eligible for NHS funding.

Only comprehensive treatment is available as per new NHS guidelines.

Patients can have removable, functional and metal fixed appliances provided as part of their NHS orthodontic treatment. They will also be provided with one set of retainers once the treatment is completed.

Cosmetic appliances, Invisalign™ aligners and shorter-term orthodontic plans are not available under NHS funding.

In certain cases, patients may have to pay a proportion of their treatment costs or may have to bear the cost of replacement appliances such as removable, functional or retainer appliances.

NHS patients are seen between 9am-3pm by either our specialist orthodontists or qualified dentist.

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