Smile Transformation Process

Initial Consultations

Your first visit is when we find out about you and your teeth. You can tell us what you would like to change about your smile and we will examine your teeth to see if orthodontics would be of benefit to you.

We may also take moulds, photos and x-rays of your teeth. Dr. Mc Cusker will review these records to ensure you have the right plan to get the best possible smile.

Your second consultation with us will be to discuss your treatment options and finalise your treatment plan. If you need any teeth removed this will be discussed with you on this visit.

Fitting your brace

Now, that your treatment plan has been agreed, you are ready to have your braces fitted. This can take up to 45 minutes but don’t worry, having braces fitted is not sore.

Once your brace is in place one of our team will advise you on how to wear it and keep it clean.

Adjusting your brace

We will see you approximately every 6 weeks to adjust your brace and check how your treatment is progressing. These appointments typically take about 10-15 minutes.

Removing your braces

The big day is here and you are ready to get your braces removed. This is the best moment of the whole treatment journey as you will finally get to see your beautiful smile and wonderfully straight teeth.

It takes about 20 – 30 minutes to remove a fixed appliance and it is not painful to have this done.

We usually remove the brace in the morning so we can fit your clear retainers in the afternoon.

Fitting your retainers

Where possible your retainers will be fitted on the same day as your braces are removed.

Permanent retainers will be fitted just before the brace is removed and the clear removable retainers will be fitted a few hours later.

Your retainers are extremely important because they prevent your teeth from moving after the braces are removed.

Final review

We will see you for a final review appointment about 6 months after the retainers are fitted. This is just to make sure everything is ok and your retainers are working well.

Typically you won’t need to see us again after this appointment but we will always be happy to see you if you need further help or advice.